Hey You!  

Hey You! Here at Insulact we strongly believe our health should not cost us our wallets. We understand that we all have medical necessities and our bodies have crucial needs to stay healthy.

We are proud to offer the first subscription-based Insulin company at an affordable price. Now you'll never have to worry about another visit to the pharmacy regarding your Insulin needs.

Insulact is a Canadian prescription referral service specializing in sourcing, dispensing and shipping of insulin temperature sensitive medication to patients in the US and Canada. You can rest assured that our dedicated team of professionals ensures high quality standards are met from sourcing certified medicines to guaranteeing proper temperature shipping service until your order reaches your door.

Our offices and licensed pharmacies are located in Ontario, Vancouver & Montreal, Canada. All medications dispensed are sourced from the same manufacturers of the products sold in the USA, FDA certified and approved by the Canadian government.

Insulact helps Americans save up to 70% on insulin. Simply send us your prescription and have us take care of the rest.